BTS Jin is an assistant instructor of the basic military training,How will he live? Example of senior Yim Si-wan

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five weeks of recruitment
After completing the basic military training,

“On “”Weverse,”” an exchange site with fans,
“I’m having fun and doing well” and posted a photo.

Jin is going to be an assistant instructor.
assist an instructor in training recruits

What kind of life will it be?

Example of Yim Si-wan
an entertainer as an assistant instructor.

Singers & Actors
Yim Si-wan ‘s appointment is complete.

December 1, 1988 (34 years old)

175cm (168 also) 60kg B type

In 2010,
a nine-member boy group
He made his debut as a member (lead vocalist) of “Children of the Empire” (ZE: A Zea).

as an actor
The movie “Lawyer” (2013),
The drama “Missen” (2014), etc.

Netflix movies
“I just dropped my phone” (released on February 17, 2023)


military service
the 25th Infantry Division of the Army
July 11, 2017 – March 27, 2007

in the first two months of someone’s enlistment
He was chosen as an exceptional fighter.

Shooting, physical strength, etc.
a person who has achieved excellent results

hit 18 of 20 shots on target

(Physical strength)
72 or more push-ups / 2 minutes
Over 86 sit-ups / 2 minutes
Within 12 minutes and 30 seconds of the 3km race

In a typical unit,
About 10 percent of the members are special-class warriors.

when selected as a special-class
get a four-night, five-day leave
(Depending on division, 3 nights and 4 days)

In 2016, Yunho of TVXQ became a special-class soldier and became a hot topic.

● Asian Economy June 18, 2019
Yim Si-wan’s successor
“I don’t want to see malicious comments.”
Due to the nature of teaching, there are many vacations.

Actor Yim Si-wan during his military service,
They were given more time off than ordinary soldiers.
criticism of someone’s preferential treatment

A media outlet reported:
·Im Siwan received 2.08 times more vacation time than ordinary soldiers during his military service.
·Im Siwan received the most vacation among 16 celebrities who joined the army from 2016 to 2018.
·This is a special favor for entertainers such as the entertainment soldier system, which was abolished in 2013.

Regarding the entertainment soldier system
I will talk in another video.


On June 17, in the army with Yim Si-wan,
A netizen who said he was with him posted on social media.
He said, “The 123-day vacation is not strange because of the duties of an assistant instructor.”

·Reject people and reporters who don’t know much about it but make bad comments
·Due to the characteristics of the unit called the Recruitment Education Corps, once the first term of recruitment training is completed,
be given a five-day four-night
·Our unit’s assistant instructor trained an average of 7 to 8 terms until they were discharged from the army.
·Yim Si-wan trained for the 8th term and received 40 days of consolation leave
·It is true that the assistant instructor have more vacations than ordinary soldiers because of this consolation vacation.
·Assistant teachers lead trainees on weekends and have less personal time than ordinary soldiers
·So, the commander of the army will give you a vacation in the sense of consolation.
·Not only Yim Si-wan, but also the high-achieving teachers had about 100-110 days off.
·Yim Si-wan was a model and a good senior who didn’t say a word of abuse.

Yim Si-wan’s office (PLUM A&C) also said on this day.
·It is true that I received more vacation days than ordinary soldiers, but I have never received unfair preferential treatment outside the scope permitted by the military unit.
·A total of 123 days of vacation that Yim Si-wan took while serving in the military
· Regular leave, vacation for treatment of injuries, consolation leave for Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Armed Forces Day events, and reward leave for special class warriors and exemplary soldiers, etc.
·When recruits enter the hospital, about 40 days of consolation leave was added as an alternative vacation due to the nature of the assistant who had to work on weekends for 5 weeks.

·He was a good predecessor who did not abuse or act harshly
·We shared the sweets given by the fans to the members.
·On the day of discharge, I took pictures with each company member and signed autographs.
·The reputation of the trainees trained by Yim Si-wan was good, and his image was even better.

Jin, please…
I want you to challenge yourself to a special-class warrior.

You don’t have to push yourself too hard, but…

The reason why there are so many celebrity assistants, from Hyun Bin to BTS Jin

English translation

Jin’s military life

Joined the 5th Division of Yeoncheon County, Gyeonggi Province
in the first five weeks of recruits training, the Company commander trainee

※ convey the instructions of the executives to the company and salute on behalf of the company

He then became an assistant instructor of the boot camp.

● Chosun Ilbo 2023.01.24
From Hyunbin to BTS Jin… Why are there so many military assistant instructors from celebrities?

celebrity assistant instructor
– Actors Hyun Bin, Kwon Sang Woo, Jeong Jong Myeong, Joo Won, Ko Kyung-pyo, Yu Seung-ho, Yim Si-wan, Kang Tae-oh, 2PM’s Ok Tae-kyung, Big Bang’s Taesung

·They have joined the military in active service, served as assistant instructors to train recruits, or are in service.
– Recently joined BTS member Jin

conditions for being chosen as an assistant instructor
·Performance must be good in various basic military exercises
·Humanly, they have to be a role model for other trainees.
·In the selection process of assistant instructors, we will evaluate all intellectual virtues.
·According to the Military Manpower Administration’s “Standards for Recruitment of Training School Assistants,” attendance rates in high school as well as high school life records will be checked during the selection process.
·Consider educational background and various martial arts certificates.
·There is also a physical fitness evaluation such as 1.5km running and push-ups.
·I will also have an interview for suitability.
·The motivation for application and ability to respond to unexpected situations that may occur during teaching are also verified.
·Perfect knowledge of basic military training such as formalities, shooting, incarnation, individual combat, grenades, etc., that trainees receive in group training for one month.
·You must memorize the instructions and take a written test.
·Execute training for trainees in front of a panel of judges consisting of instructors in charge of each subject at the training center and pass.

life as an assistant instructor
·Usually, the assistant instructors start the day about an hour earlier than the regular trainees.
·Sometimes I wait 24 hours a day even after my daily routine is over.
·Not to mention preparing for the next day’s education, but also working on duty in turn, so there is little personal time for assistant instructors during the recruitment training period.
·Unexpected unexpected situations occur while managing hundreds of trainees
·Mr. A, who served as an assistant instructor in the recruitment education team
“Since about 16 assistant instructors will train up to 300 trainees in eight platoons in the first term, we should always be careful of trainees who act suddenly.”
“·The “”compensation leave”” that assistant instructors get after completing the first term of recruitment education is also attractive.”
·Assistant instructors usually train for six terms with 18 months of military service, so they can take an average of 18 days more vacation than ordinary soldiers.

reason why celebrities are better suited to teaching assistant instructors
·Experts believe that the showmanship included in the job of entertainer is close to the role of assistant instructor.
·Analyzed that trainees who are trained as a group at their office from an early age and train while living in a training camp are similar to military life.

·There is also an opinion that the assistant instructor of celebrities will produce win-win results for both the Ministry of National Defense and celebrities.
·This is because it is an opportunity for the military to promote the unit naturally, and for celebrities to gain great trust from the public.
·The assistant instructor is the first face of the army that the trainee faces as soon as he joins the army.
·Celebrities’ affinity and trust are also effective in training recruits.

※That’s it for the article.

other possible reasons for entertainers to become assistant instructors
·Because of my profession, I can make a loud voice that goes well with me.
·Most people join the army late and become nearly 30 years old, so they are much older than other recruits around 20 years old.
·public look up to the celebrities
·Therefore, it is easy to give instructions.
·It’s safe to live in the unit.
↑ Implicit consideration

The declining birthrate is the most serious in the world in Korea.
The shortage of soldiers is a major problem.

As a result, criticism is mounting over the exemption of artists and athletes from military service.
BTS members weren’t exempt either.

There are also discussions about increasing the number of female soldiers and recruiting women.

If Jin had been an assistant in the recruitment training of female soldiers, the number of applicants would skyrocket

Is the shortage of soldiers solved?

T.O.P 残りの兵役は社会服務要員として ネチズン「音楽で償おうとか考えるなよ」

大麻を吸った容疑で在宅起訴され、執行猶予処分を受けたアイドルグループ「ビッグバン」のT.O.P(チェ・スンヒョン 30歳)が義務警察から強制転役(兵役で勤務する業務を変える)となった。



T.O.Pのせいか? 義務警察を全面的に廃止、「芸能義務警察」は真っ先になくす!







●スポーツ東亜 2015.06.17 午前 11:55






「国民の弟」ユ・スンホ 涙の除隊

ユ・スンホ(兪承豪 1993年 8月 1日生まれ、21歳 175cm 2000年にMBCドラマ「カシコギ」(棘魚)でデビューし子役として活躍、「国民の弟」と呼ばれた )は無事、兵役を終え、除隊した。

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MCモン 5日連続で 8音楽配信チャートで1位を独占、なのだが…


今月3日0時に発売されたMCモンのニューアルバム「Miss Me or Diss Me」のタイトル曲「僕が恋しかった?」は7日午前7時の時点で、MelOn、Mnet、Bugs!、genie、Olleh Music、Monkey3、Soribada、NAVER MUSIC、の8つのチャートで相変わらず1位をキープしている。

●OSEN  2014-11-07 07:50
MCモン 5日連続で 8つの音楽配信チャートで1位を独占


MCモン 5年ぶりに復帰して、大ヒットなのだが…

MCモン(本名:シン・ドヒョン 1979年 9月 4日生まれ、35歳 「モン」とは漢字語「夢」の韓国式読み)が5年ぶりに発表したニューアルバム「MISS ME OR DISS ME」が、韓国の主要音楽配信チャートですべて1位を記録、まさに総なめの大ヒットとなる中、過去の兵役忌避疑惑をめぐり、韓国の大衆からバッシングを受け、大きな騒動となっている。




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