Who is Ji Chang-wook, who will play the role of king in TVING “Queen Yu”?

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Ji Chang-wook
Appear in TVING “Queen Yu”
His strong love for his mother

It will be released next year (2024)
TVING Original Series
In “Queen Uji” (The Empress Uji)
Ji Chang-wook will be on the show

●News1 July 12, 2023
Jeong Jeong-seo, Kim Moo-yeol, and Ji Chang-wook
“Queen Yu” will be released on TVING next year

action historical drama

When the king died suddenly, Empress Yu, who was targeted by the princes seeking the throne and five tribes trying to seize power, struggled to establish a new king

The Empress Yu maintained power by Levirat marriage (the practice of widows marrying brothers of deceased husbands)

*Levirat is a marriage custom in Goguryeo, derived from the Latin word levir, which means brother-in-law

Jeong Jong-seo is the queen of Goguryeo, Woo-hee,

Ji Chang-wook is
Woohee’s husband, King Conanm

Conanm led 5,000 men,
superior in repelling 30,000 troops
King of Goguryeo

It will be released on TVING in 2024
TVING is a joint venture between CJ E&M, Naver and JTBC Korea OTT (Video Distribution Service) operated by TVING Corporation

Ji Chang-wook
July 5, 1987 (36 years old)

On May 9, 2022,
Interview with the release of Netflix drama “Annas Manara Magic Melody” (6th)

● Ten Asia, May 10, 2022
Poor Ji Chang-wook
“I grew up with a single mother and felt a great sense of loss.”
“I had a hard time with money”

·My father died early and I was raised by my mother
·There was a great sense of loss coming from there
*I felt empty as if I had a hole in my heart

·I realized at an early age that reality is harsh
·I had a hard time with money
·So I felt depressed when I remembered my childhood
·Even so, I was able to overcome it with my mother’s love

“Annas Manara” was released
#4 in Netflix Global Ranking in 2 Days


“Annas Manara” is
A fantasy musical drama in which a mysterious magician Ri-ul (Ji Chang-wook) suddenly appears in front of a girl who lost her dream due to poverty and a boy who is forced to do so

·”Annalas Manara”is a story that everyone can relate to.
·Poverty, money, grades, dreams, other people’s eyes and so on
·If you listen to the message, you will be able to enjoy it with a warm heart

He said that the reason he decided to appear in “Annas Manara” was because it felt like his story

·I also suffered from poverty when I was young
·Stress from grades was also severe
·The story of the boys and girls in the drama seemed to be about me

When did you think you became an adult?
·My mother, who I relied on, started to rely on me from a certain moment
·I felt strongly that I became the head of the family and an adult who had to carry heavy things

the end of an interview


Below is Namwiki’s explanation


·Going to the same school as actor Ryu Deok-kwan and junior high and high school
·Living only at home-school-juku(cram school) until the second year of high school
·It was boring and boring
·Decided to enter the drama and film department in the third year of high school
·When I suddenly said that I wanted to learn acting and become an actor, my mother strongly opposed it
·At that time, my mother was under a lot of stress
·My father passed away when he was young
·Growed up under a single mother

·I only decided to go to the drama and film department, but I didn’t attend acting school
·At that time, Ryu attended an acting academy to enter the drama and film department
·Ji Chang-wook used to take Ryu to the academy by bicycle every day
– One day, Ryu Deok-gwan said, “If you want to go to the drama and film department, don’t you have to attend an academy?”
·Then I realized the necessity

Ryu Deok-hwan
June 12, 1987 (36 years old)
an actor characterized by a boyish pretty face and small stature
Park Ha-sung, who is the same age, appeared as his older sister in the drama

Winner of Best New Actor at the 27th Blue Dragon Film Awards
boast outstanding acting skills
In the KBS short drama “Sunny Days,” he played a boy with physical and language disabilities, and showed overwhelming performance despite being a middle school student

My mother is a musical producer
I’ve appeared in many musicals
belong a small actor
This is a chronic problem for child actors who often shoot all night
Maybe that’s why I play roles younger than my real age
When I was in my twenties, there were many restrictions on casts because I was small
So I polished my acting more and more

be more active on cable TV and theater than on terrestrial television
be less recognized than his acting career
his fans are sorry about that

·Ji Chang-wook has steadily built his career as an actor
·Debut as an independent film, TV made its debut as a morning drama, and later appeared in movies and musicals with supporting roles in weekend dramas, weekday dramas and weekend dramas
·Ji Chang-wook is good at singing, so I sing a lot of OSTs for dramas and hold fan meetings in concert format

·he has excellent singing ability as a singer
·he has the ability to perform live concerts for about 2 hours easily
·He starred in a musical twice a day at a large theater 97 times in 6 months

– He’s been a fan of Cho Seung-woo since he was young.
·I went to see Jekyll and Hyde and got Cho Seung-woo’s autograph
·There are many eyewitness accounts because they frequently appear in musical performances
·I want to go and see it in person as much as possible
·I feel respected as an actor when I’m on stage, so my heart is always excited at the musical stage


·After “Empress Ki” (MBC Monday-Tuesday drama 2013-14), the main characters continued to be action movies
*A story based on historical facts, the custom of dedicating Korean women to China
However, a Goryeo girl rose to the rank of empress with her natural beauty and wit


·Famous as an action actor
·Actually, he is very good at acting with her body such as action

·Romantic comedy “Suspicious Partner” (SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama 2017)

·Lee Deok-hwa has loved him very much since I co-starred in “”Suspicious Partner”

Lee Deok-hwa
May 8, 1952 (71 years old)

Big stars of the 1980s and 1990s,
Tough guy, a great figure in the Korean entertainment industry

During Ji Chang-wook’s military days (August 14, 2017 – April 27, 2019), he came to see him

In the fishing variety show “Urban Fisherman” (Channel A Season 6 episode 19.06.06), she invited Chang-wook, who had just been discharged from the army, to express his relationship with him, saying, “Because Chang-wook have no father.”

·A filial son who cares for his mother
“When I was young, I walked with my mother in a shabby narrow alley,
What should I do if bad people show up now?
I thought I had to protect her.”

·Ji Chang-wook always seems to feel sad about her mother
·so he has never lived alone
·he still living with his mother in 2022,and maybe now

·his dream senior, Cho Seung-woo, is also close to mother
·Cho Seung-woo also still single

neat appearance
a great deal of talent
a good and beloved character

Ji Chang-wook has everything

a brilliant actor

However, this mother-to- son relationship,
It may be a little worrisome for future wives



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